Dakota Fanning Celebrates Turning 18 By Doing First Nude Scene

Now everyone's going to know what it feels like to accidentally walk in on a sibling while they're showering when America's collective little sister Dakota Fanning appears in her first nude scene in a movie.

The scene we'll all be watching through one eye is featured in the indie coming-of-age film Very Good Girls to be released this year and needless to say it's gonna be hellaaaaaa awkward. Like Harry Potter and Facebook, we grew up on little miss Dakota Fanning. It's like seeing your favorite Disney cartoon character naked and the thought is just way too much too handle at the moment.

Then again, ever since she practically acted circles around Sean Penn in I Am Sam while still wearing OshKosh B'gosh, Dakota has always been an actress mature beyond her years. Anyone whose seen her scantily-clad portrayal of Cherie Currie in The Runaways could see this topless milestone on the IMDb horizon. Truthfully we're not really shocked by this, just in denial. Like, is this what it feels like to drop Dakota off at campus on her first day of college?

Anyway, Dakota plays it off way more cool than we do, telling MTV News at Sundance, "Yeah, well, I've never done [a nude scene] before and I'm very newly allowed to that. I was newly 18, so yeah…it's kind of a sensitive thing, but it's a part of life."

For everyone else, teenage rites of passage might include getting your driver's license, being peer pressured to puff a cigarette under the bleachers of your high school football field, and ironically buying a dirty magazine. But for an actress, it's all that and taking off your shirt on the silver screen. Showing your breasts is the quinceañera of young Hollywood actresses. Truthfully, what's most shocking to me, though, is that Dakota Fanning is already old enough to see Dakota Fanning naked in an R-rated movie. One minute they're not wearing diapers and the next minute they're not wearing clothes all together. They grow up so fast!

Either way, the feature that also stars Elizabeth Olsen, assures the nudity isn't gratuitous and treated artfully. "As in life it's not always so perfect and glossy and seamless," her co-star in the scene Boyd Holbrook explains. "It's quite awkward sometimes especially with that. This film's about its going into life, first sexual experience, so it's all about the environment and not taking it too serious."

And maybe we as Dakota's adopted parents are taking this infomation way too seriously. After all, she had a far more difficult rape scene in Hounddog at the tender age of 12, so she's doing a little Benjamin Unbuttoning with her career here. We're probably just being overprotective soccer moms who think "LOL" means "Lots of Love" and overreacting.
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